Sometimes, people or family members of people involved in motor vehicle crashes or work accidents resulting in severe injuries or death need immediate legal advice or assistance on a holiday, on a weekend, or after regular office business hours.

Dan Hightower understands this and now provides severely injured Accident Victims with 24/7 access to him through the after-hours phone messaging system. Now when you call the office of Daniel L. Hightower, Lawyer after hours you may leave your name, telephone number and a brief description of what happened and this information will go DIRECTLY to Daniel L. Hightower. If you need immediate legal advice or assistance, Mr. Hightower or a member of his staff will personally return your call as soon as possible. If the matter can wait until normal office hours, your message will be returned promptly on the next business day.

Daniel L. Hightower, PA., Lawyer, Fighting for Accident Victim Justice Since 1976….and NOW accessible 24/7.