Hightower & Hightower Lawyers
Pat M.

“My husband was rear-ended by an underinsured motorist. This collision seriously aggravated a previously existing condition, which subsequently resulted in requiring a hip replacement operation. We consulted one local lawyer who said we had no case. Fortunately an acquaintance who works at a medical practice in Ocala sent us to Dan Hightower. Mr. Hightower assured us at our first meeting that we had a strong case. He proved to be correct. After a year of unsuccessful back-and-forth with the insurance company, Dan filed suit. This resulted in mediation and we ultimately received a generous six figure award for pain and suffering as well as reduced ability to function and enjoy life. Dan and his staff are thorough, detail oriented and completely committed to success. They are also very personable and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Daniel Hightower, his firm and his staff.”

Johanna L.

“If you’ve been in an accident. You need a lawyer. I was told to go to Daniel Hightower. “He’s a fighter” they said. I am so glad I did. Professional, organized, amazing staff and support, excellent advice and oversight. I was able to turn my case over to capable hands and focus on healing. Thank You Allison Hightower, for the caring and thorough way you handled my case. Thank you Angie, for your relentless attention to detail. And thank you Daniel Hightower for fighting for me. I will pass on the best advice I’ve gotten. Go see Daniel Hightower.”

Margaret H.

“My husband and I were in a head on collision. Being fairly new to Ocala, we were not sure of the insurance here or the process to receive reimbursement of our expenses. Meeting Mr. Hightower was the best person we could have found. We were both in pain and overwhelmed with what to do next. Mr. Hightower is very knowledgeable and through going over the details, making us feel very comfortable. He saw me through my recovery and settlement. We are very pleased with him and his office staff. Our contact with his legal assistant (Jennifer), who was always available for telephone calls or returned them promptly. They were always caring and went above our expectations. I would highly recommend Mr. Hightower for any injury claims.”

Tricia D.

“Mr. Hightower and his exceptional staff, went above and beyond my expectations to help me resolve my issues. Mr. Hightower personally met with me and always made me feel that he believed in me and my case. I received the best possible results of my case and they fought for me to the end! I will always be grateful for all their hard work they did representing Me! Thank you so much, Mr Hightower!”

Millie B.

“Mr. Hightower, Alison & team have been amazing at helping my parents through a very difficult time in our lives after my dad was involved in a horrible car accident! They made sure to keep my parents informed through every step of the case and offer convenient Spanish translation services in their office. We are so grateful for the compassion and understanding we felt from Mr. Hightower and his team, Thank you!”

Ana S.

“Absolutely the best! I cannot express how much I value Mr. Hightower and Candy Homan! They are a rarity in this world because I have found them both to be completely honest and caring.”

Cathy D.

“On my initial visit with Mr. Hightower, he, along with Mrs. Matthews, explained everything to me. They took the time to go over every piece of paper, took pictures, and answered every question I asked. They didn’t make me feel stupid or unwanted. They are both great! Mr. Hightower was true to his word. He knows exactly what he’s talking about. I was constantly updated on everything that was going on. Everything that he said would happen – happened! I tell everyone that I know about his practice! He truly cares about his clients.”

LuAnn F.

“From beginning to end Mr. Hightower and his staff were always available. Mr. Hightower and his staff worked all the way up to the end for my settlement. I will be using them for my attorney needs in the future.”

Eliot V.

“The law firm is excellent. I am satisfied because thanks to them, the benefits are being fulfilled.”

Charles C.

“Mr. Hightower handled two cases for me. It felt like he was family, not an attorney, and I would recommend him every time. I was very satisfied. He got me the settlement I was looking for, was always on my side, went above and beyond what is needed. He will go the extra mile even though he doesn’t have to.”

Jackson N.

“They always kept me informed on my case either by mail, phone call, meetings or both and meetings at the office. Completely satisfied. Ms. Hightower kept fighting for maximum results and got them. I felt as if I was the only client, great firm!”

Wilson G.

“When you are on top of your game, it’s hard to improve on perfection. I think your staff is on top of their game. I would refer your services to a friend because not only are you professional, everyone is friendly.”

Lena S.

“Mr. Hightower made me feel very at ease and I was confident that he would do everything to help me. He explained how the settlement would be handled, and Mark went 100% to get what would be fair and acceptable.”

Chantae C.

“November 2015 I was in my first ever auto accident. In addition to being confused about the process of submitting claims, I was unsure about how to get treated for the pain I was feeling. After speaking to several local law offices, I called Daniel Hightower and was scheduled for a free consultation immediately. He and his daughter made me feel comfortable. They cared about me and my family, as well as my physical and emotional health. I left that consultation with a plan, contacts for local therapeutic options, and relief that I wouldn’t be going through this alone.

After months of investigation, we learned that I was hit by a non-insured motorist. My own insurance company (who I have been with since 2008) but off my PIP benefits and ended my rehabilitation for their belief that my injuries (2 bulging discs in my neck and inflammation) wouldn’t get better. I felt they had begun to get downright petty all to avoid allowing us to tap into my uninsured motorist benefits. The Hightowers fought hard on my behalf and kept me knowledgable of the process the whole way. I received copies of all documents, and whenever I had questions they were answered in a time sensitive manner. Ms. Alison Hightower was the greatest at emailing me.

If you want help from someone that will fight for you and always make you feel like priority, make sure you work with the law offices of Daniel Hightower.”

Noreen B.

“Mr. Hightower and his associates did an excellent job of settling a case for my mother who is 86 years old. She was in a very bad automobile accident, the other party was clearly at fault and their insurance did not want to even pay her medical bills. Angel, the legal assistant, was very prompt and organized. Mr. Hightower was very calm and collected and helped us to keep calm when the other attorneys were condescending to my elderly mother. He fought for justice for my mother’s case. He gave us good advice during the mediation and we are happy that it was settled out of court. I would not hesitate to use Mr. Hightower again.”

If you want help from someone that will fight for you and always make you feel like priority, make sure you work with the law offices of Daniel Hightower.”

Deborah I.

“Mr. Hightower resolved a reasonable settlement with an insurance company. I was satisfied with the results because he was expedious with my case.”

Michael M.

“I have 100% trust in Mr. Hightower as he showed me that he cares about me as a human. He’s on top of the game all the time.”

Carolyn H.

“I was very satisfied with the results that Mr. Hightower obtained for me and would recommend him to anyone who needs legal services.”

Candice P.

“Through my entire case Alison Hightower showed a great deal of concern with making sure I received everything necessary to me.”

Gerry L.

“He is a very good hearted man and very professional and courteous.”

Jay B.

“Mr. Hightower leads the legal team assigned to my case in making sure that my case moves forward in a timely manner. To date, the Hightower firm has handled my case perfectly by promptly handling each obstacle as needed to move my case forward.”

Ellen S.

“Besides being my attorney, he also treats me like a friend. If I need to talk, he makes time for me.”

Deborah T.

“He met with me and my husband and called us himself anytime there was a change in the case. Also, he returned all calls personally. We definitely feel like he cares for us in our legal matters. He was able to get all of my medical bills paid for in a timely manner and with very little stress on us.”

Deborah T.

“He met with me and my husband and called us himself anytime there was a change in the case. Also, he returned all calls personally. We definitely feel like he cares for us in our legal matters. He was able to get all of my medical bills paid for in a timely manner and with very little stress on us.”

German L.

“Explained all that was involved – very caring and concerned.”

Sarah H.

“I am very pleased with Mr. Hightower’s personal involvement in my case. He and his staff are understanding, honest, and caring.”

Leonard B.

“They went over and beyond my expectations.”

Patricia G.

“Mr. Hightower met with me the first day and explained everything to me that would happen with my case. I am very satisfied with everything.”

Sylvia J.

“I believe that this firm has my best interest and will do all that can be done in light for my case and I would recommend their firm to anyone that needs assistance.”

Erminio S.

“Mr. Hightower was very pleasant and very effective, and works very hard to the fullest extent for a positive settlement.”

Jeffrey A.

“I was met with courteous people from the time I walked through the door and the staff took excellent care of me. I always tell my family and friends and even people I meet with legal issues to call Daniel Hightower.”

Freddie J.

“I like the way the staff handled my case and was very professional about it.”

Rebekah H.

“Your staff is really helpful and understanding.”

Miguel H.

“I was treated with such kindness and respect from Day 1 from the whole staff.”

Linda S.

“Dan Hightower is the best in Ocala.”

Gerry L.

“You all are good at what you do. Thank you all for everything.”

Anna C.

“Everyone has a friendly and courteous attitude and are very knowledgable.”

Annie B

“It’s been a pleasure working with Dan Hightower and his office staff. They are a group of courteous, intelligent, sympathetic and kind professionals. I recommend Mr. Hightower with confidence.”

Leslie O.

“The professionalism at Daniel L. Hightower’s office is exceptional. All of the outcomes were explained well and I felt as ease knowing I have the best.”

Daniel W.

“Dan Hightower is caring and responsive.”

Tina E.

“Mr. Hightower and his office kept me up-to-date on everything and always returned my phone calls. Keep up doing what you do.”

Gerard F.

“I was extremely please with the service and my overall experience with Mr. Hightower was excellent.”

David R.

“I recommend your services because everything that could have been done was done in a very timely manner. Keep up the great work.”

Vivian B.

“I have referred your firm to several people. You’ve done a great job.”

McCall A.

“Daniel Hightower lives up to his reputation of getting the job done.”

Benita G.

“Mr. Hightower and his staff are friendly and courteous and I recommend them.”

Darlene F.

“Everyone at your office is professional, made me feel comfortable and reassuring of my case. I was always kept informed and legal issues were always explained.”

Michael Z.

“You really worked hard and fast on my case. I couldn’t have done it without you. I don’t know of anything you could do to improve your services, just keep helping those who can’t help themselves.”

Heriberto M.

“My experience with Daniel L. Hightower was always pleasant. He was always concerned about my needs.”

David F.

“I know other people that had used you and were happy with the outcome and I also recommend your services.”

James S.

“Honesty and integrity best describe you and your team.”

Marcelina K.

“Response time was always quick and I was always treated with respect.”

Valerie S.

“I would recommend Daniel Hightower because he is a great attorney and really cares about your case and puts all he has into it.”

Anthony S.

“Mr. Hightower and staff have always made my wife and I feel welcome even when we call several times a day or made multiple visits. Don’t change a thing, stay just as you are.”

Anthony S.

“Mr. Hightower and staff have always made my wife and I feel welcome even when we call several times a day or made multiple visits. Don’t change a thing, stay just as you are.”

Christine S.

“Daniel L. Hightower and his firm are very knowledgeable and treats you respectfully not like a number.”

Margaret F.

“I was referred by one of your other clients and I too will refer your services to my friends.”

Lester J.

“My overall experience with Daniel L. Hightower, P.A. has been pleasant and I would recommend them.”

John P.

“I was always kept informed of the progress of my case, my calls were always returned. I refer my friends to you.”

Clifton J.

“My calls were always returned timely. Your staff was always courteous and professional.”

Len B.

“I have referred several friends and family to Daniel L. Hightower, My overall experience with Daniel L. Hightower, P.A. was always pleasant.”

L. Hines

“I was always kept well informed of the status of my case and I would recommend Daniel L.Hightower, P.A. to my friends.”

Michael M.

“My phone calls were always timely returned, my questions were always answered and I was always kept well informed.”

Angela D.

“Mr. Hightower and his staff were always professional and kept me informed. I recommend his services.”

Vernon R.

“I have referred other people to you because I am pleased with the service for the second time. Everyone I talk to only had nothing but good things to say about Daniel Hightower.”

Larry M.

“I would refer Mr. Hightower’s service to friends because of the individual attention given to my case. The legal issues were always explained in understandable terms.”

Norman W.

“We were kept well informed and calls were always promptly returned. Nothing can be done to improve your good services.”

Linda T.

“Thank you for all of your help and professionalism. Your firm runs very smoothly.”

Charlene J.

“Daniel Hightower is very professional and has a good reputation. He always kept me informed of the progress of my case and his staff was always courteous and professional.”

Ana S.

“I have the highest regard for you and your staff and have referred several people to you. There is not much you could do to improve your services. Your law office is unique and outstanding in its approach to client care.”

Wendy J.

“I think you have a great law firm and do a great job.”

Judy B.

“I would refer your firm and have already told a lot of friends and family of how great you have treated me and my case. Keep up the great work that you are already doing for everyone. Thank you very much.”

Colin C.

“Daniel Hightower provides good service and his staff is courteous and professional.”

Janice F.

“I was kept up-to-date for the whole time. Everyone at Daniel L. Hightower, P.A. were great and always courteous. They always displayed a caring attitude.”

Yvette R.

“My mother always said if it’s not broke don’t mess with it. Daniel L. Hightower and his staff are professionals with caring hearts and there is nothing about his office that needs changing at all. God Bless.”

Thomas C.

“Daniel Hightower and his staff were always courteous and professional.”

Amanda P.

“Mr. Hightower and his staff have always shown compassion and genuine concern for the well-being of my family and me. I recommend him to my friends and family.”

Barry M.

“I would recommend Daniel Hightower because of his professional, courteous and caring service.”

Joseph F.

“Daniel Hightower and his staff kept me informed of the progress of my case and I recommend them to my friends.”

Frank T.

“Daniel L. Hightower did a great job for my family while working on the wrongful death case pertaining to my wife.”

Michael P.

“Mr. Hightower has kept me informed about the issues involving my case and has worked hard to get me all of the workers compensation benefits I was entitled too.”

Doreen M.

“I have recommended the services of Daniel Hightower to others as I am very pleased with his services and everyone I have dealt with at his office.”

Clint C.

“My overall experience with Daniel L. Hightower, P.A., was very pleasant and I would recommend him to my friends.”

David C.

“There is nothing necessary for you to do to improve your services.”