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Frequently Asked Questions: Motorcycle Accidents

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When there is a motorcycle accident related injury or death in Florida, who is allowed to sue?

If any party other than the motorcycle driver involved in the Florida motorcycle accident is at fault, the motorcycle driver and/or that person’s surviving family members may pursue a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit seeking damages and compensation.
If the motorcycle driver is at fault, then anyone else injured or killed in the Florida motorcycle accident – including the motorcyclist’s passenger and/or people in other vehicles and their surviving family members — may pursue a lawsuit against the motorcycle operator. Any other person injured by a motorcyclist, such as a pedestrian, can recover damages against the motorcycle operator and any other responsible party.

When a motorcycle accident happens in Florida, which parties involved may be held responsible?

Defendants in Florida motorcycle accident cases may include the motorcycle driver, other motor vehicle operators, property owners where dangerous conditions may exist (on both public and private properties), mechanical repair and service shops, as well as motorcycle, tire, and parts manufacturers. Any of these parties may be held liable in a Florida court of law. A lawsuit seeks to identify and hold responsible any persons or entities whose wrongful conduct or negligence may have contributed to injury and/or death resulting from a Florida motorcycle accident.

Why is it so important for me to have my Florida motorcycle accident case investigated?

Motorcyclists may sometimes run up against the bias that because they operate a motorcycle in Florida, they are the ones who cause accidents and they are responsible for their own injuries. The reality is that sometimes the motorcyclist did nothing to cause the accident, and the liability lies with another driver or other entities whose conduct or negligence contributed to the Florida motorcycle accident. A proper examination brings forth the true facts of the case including the conditions at the Florida motorcycle accident scene; details of how, when, why, what, and who was involved in the accident; as well as witness statements and reports from law enforcement and other agencies involved in the investigation.

How important is it for me to consult a Florida motorcycle accident lawyer regarding my motorcycle accident case?

It is very important, particularly if the Florida motorcycle accident you were involved in resulted in your own injuries or in serious injury or death to other drivers and passengers involved. Motorcyclists often get blamed when they are involved in serious motor vehicle accidents — and the opposing side will be looking for evidence to support that claim, whether it’s entirely true or not. An experienced Florida motorcycle accident attorney can investigate your case and compile the necessary legal documentation and evidence that will support you in your injury claims.

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