Two different tow truck drivers were killed in the line of duty/assisting at motor vehicle crash scenes in Marion County, Florida by other motorists in the last eight years. One tow truck driver on or about May 4, 2014. The second tow truck driver on or about April 28, 2021.

Other First-Responders, law-enforcement officers and fire and emergency medical personnel, have also been killed or seriously injured while working motor vehicle crash scenes and assisting people seriously or severely injured at motor vehicle crash scenes in Marion County and other counties in Florida in recent years.

That’s why the Florida Legislature passed what is commonly called the “Move Over Law.” And this month, January, is the month that the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and the Florida Highway Patrol remind all motorists of this law and the protection it provides to dedicated First Responders and others assisting at motor vehicle crash scenes, assisting with disabled motor vehicles, and enforcing the Florida Traffic Code.

For more information about this life-saving law, please open and read the link below.

And remember that tow truck drivers are First Responders, too. Move over or slow down for them as well.