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Old School Lawyering?

Old School Lawyering?

When I started helping and representing people with their injury cases in 1976, my philosophy was that I wanted to be the kind of lawyer for others that I would want to represent me or a family member in an injury case.  And that’s still my philosophy and what I’ve put into action since 1976.

That’s why:

1) I want to personally meet with every new client seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash, a work accident, or another incident, on the first office visit, circumstances permitting.  And I do, probably 95% of the time.

2) I want to review the facts of the case with my new client, advise him/her of the law that applies to their case and how the legal process works.

3) I want to listen to and answer any questions my new client has.

4) And I want to give my new client my recommendations on how best to proceed on their case and what I expect of them to put their case in the strongest position to help me get them the best result possible.

5) I want every new client to know that while I may have other lawyers and paralegals in my office helping me with their case, I am always available for them to meet with or talk with if they have questions or concerns that they want me to answer or deal with.

6) I want to earn the trust and confidence of each new client at our first meeting and maintain that trust and confidence throughout their case.

Some people may think that the way I do things with new and existing clients takes up too much lawyer time and is “old school lawyering.”  I think of it as the way I’d like to be treated and “good school lawyering.”

If I can help you or a family member or close friend with a case involving very serious injuries or worse, please call my office for a free consultation.  I cannot take every case that someone calls in about, but if I do take your/their case, you/they can expect “good school lawyering.”

Daniel L. Hightower, Lawyer