Until I . . . By Daniel L. Hightower

Over the last 40 plus years, I’ve probably heard thousands of new clients say to me at their first office conference, “I didn’t believe that all of the people claiming serious injuries from car accidents and work accidents were really injured that badly, UNTIL I was involved in this bad car crash recently and now I am seriously injured, in pain and out of work . . . through no fault of my own. My world has been turned upside down. Now I believe them.” Or words to that effect.

Trust me. No one wants to be seriously and permanently injured in a bad motor vehicle crash or a work accident, but they happen . . . and innocent people are badly injured and oftentimes their vehicles are destroyed.

And they need good lawyers to help them navigate the complicated legal and insurance process . . . and to stand up to and push back against hard-nosed, experienced, insurance company claims people in negotiations and, if necessary, to aggressively enforce their legal rights and remedies in a Court of Law. Yes, there is a small percentage of people claiming injuries who may be faking them or exaggerating their pain and problems. But don’t lump the other 95% of people with legitimate injuries into that category.

I hope that you, a family member or a good friend never need me, or another good, experienced injury lawyer of your choice, to help you with a serious injuries case, but if you do, your lawyer will probably become your new best friend. So, keep an open mind about injured people and injury lawyers who level the playing field and fight to put meaning in the phrase, “. . . and justice for all.”