When one of our recent prospective new injured clients first called our office, she insisted that she wanted to first meet and talk with a lawyer in person about her case, not a paralegal, not an investigator, not an email, not an automated answering machine. Our receptionist, who personally answers the telephone during office hours, told her that is Mr. Hightower’s preference and standard practice. After my assistant got some initial intake information from her for me to review, my assistant made the caller an office appointment to meet and discuss her case with me personally. Yes, we have veteran paralegals and veteran lawyers who assist me with clients’ cases, but I always tell my clients that anytime they want or need to meet and talk with me personally (or if they prefer by telephone), just call my office and my assistant will schedule them an appointment with me.

And our good Case Results posted on our website: HightowerandHightower.com speak for themselves.

People who are very seriously or severely injured or worse in motor vehicle crashes, work accidents or other incidents can, of course, choose any law firm they want to help and represent them. If, however, you choose our law firm and you have a case that we can help you with, you get our personal attention and good communications with me and others who assist me . . . and good results.

In other words, “you get your cake and eat it, too.”

Daniel L. Hightower, Lawyer