Along with our other areas of expertise, The Law Office of Daniel L. Hightower has a strong knowledge and proficiency in Social Security Disability law cases.

Recent studies suggest that the Social Security Administration approves nearly 40% of the applications they receive for disability benefits. If you think you may be entitled to disability benefits, you should apply as soon as possible. In some instances, Social Security will pay benefits up to 12 months before your application. If you wait until next month to apply, you could lose out on several hundred dollars worth of past benefits.

If you are denied at the application stage, please contact our office. We would be happy to meet with you for a free initial consultation. If you choose to have us represent you, we will assist with all of the paperwork in connection with the appeals and we will help gather the medical evidence necessary to prove that you are disabled. Further, we will help you prepare for the hearing so that your testimony will maximize your chances of being found disabled. Finally, we will attend the hearing with you to ensure that you have an opportunity to fully explain your particular circumstances to the judge.

If the Law Office of Daniel L. Hightower can be of assistance to you in your Social Security Disability Law case in Ocala or Marion County, please contact us today at 352-629-7777.