The first time I heard this phrase years ago, it was confusing to me. And then over time, I saw and heard certain circumstances that made me better understand the wisdom in this phrase.

My law office, Daniel L. Hightower, PA, is a small personal injury law firm in Ocala, Florida. We take certain cases statewide, but most of our cases are in Central, North Central and North Florida. We represent and help people seriously injured in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and other incidents caused by careless or reckless individuals or companies. We also represent and help people seriously injured in work accidents…workers’ compensation cases.

We have less lawyers (five) than big personal injury law firms. So we take less cases, limiting them to moderate and severe injury cases and death cases. And that gives us, as lawyers and paralegals, more time to personally communicate with our clients, return their phone calls and emails, answer their questions and keep them updated on the status of their cases. It also gives us as lawyers more time to work on clients’ cases and fight to get them the maximum benefits allowed by law and full-value lump sum settlements.

So, yes, sometimes less is more.

Daniel L. Hightower, Lawyer