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04 Oct: Sue Happy Society?

As a lawyer who has been helping and representing people seriously or severely injured, or family members of people killed, in motor vehicle crashes and work accidents since 1976, I am more than a little bit concerned about all the lawsuit results and recoveries that we read, see, and hear about from different information sources.

21 Jan: Move Over

Two different tow truck drivers were killed in the line of duty/assisting at motor vehicle crash scenes in Marion County,…

20 Sep: Old School Lawyering?

Old School Lawyering? When I started helping and representing people with their injury cases in 1976, my philosophy was that…

28 Apr: Expect the Unexpected

Daniel L. Hightower, P.A., Lawyer Fighting for Accident Victim Justice since 1976 For over 30 years, I and now my…

21 May: Full Value?

Sometimes, it’s easy for a personal injury law firm to settle a severe injury or death case for a big…

24 Jul: Tractor-Trailer Crashes

Most owners of tractor-trailers keep them well-maintained. Some don’t. Most drivers of tractor-trailers are alert and rested while they drive….