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21 Apr: Until I . . .
Over the last 40 plus years, I’ve probably heard thousands of new clients say to me at their first office conference, “I didn’t believe that all of the people claiming serious injuries from car accidents and work accidents were really injured that badly, UNTIL I was involved in this bad car crash recently and now I am seriously injured, in pain and out of work . . .
25 Mar: Proof of the Pudding?

Proof of the Pudding? By Daniel L. Hightower   It’s no secret that car insurance companies for careless/reckless drivers who…

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04 Oct: Sue Happy Society?

As a lawyer who has been helping and representing people seriously or severely injured, or family members of people killed, in motor vehicle crashes and work accidents since 1976, I am more than a little bit concerned about all the lawsuit results and recoveries that we read, see, and hear about from different information sources.

21 Jan: Move Over

Two different tow truck drivers were killed in the line of duty/assisting at motor vehicle crash scenes in Marion County,…

20 Sep: Old School Lawyering?

Old School Lawyering? When I started helping and representing people with their injury cases in 1976, my philosophy was that…

28 Apr: Expect the Unexpected

Daniel L. Hightower, P.A., Lawyer Fighting for Accident Victim Justice since 1976 For over 30 years, I and now my…

21 May: Full Value?

Sometimes, it’s easy for a personal injury law firm to settle a severe injury or death case for a big…